BSN Controversy Inspires Video Response

November 4th, 2011


By , BSN, RN

Yesterday I wrote a piece about New York State considering making a Bachelors of Science in Nursing the minimum requirement for working as a nurse in that state. I got a great video response from one reader and I want to share it. It's food for thought.

Other health care professions have minimum requirements for education in order to practice, should we as nurses have the same standards? What do you all think?

2 Responses to “BSN Controversy Inspires Video Response”

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  2. Phyllis L. Says:

    This is never going to happen. Florida tried in the 70s to do away with the LPNs. It never came to fruition.

    The age of a nurse is increasing every year. More and more are leaving the field to retire. Less and less are coming into the field. Because it’s a horrid way to make a living.

    How do you think you are going to get all BSN educated nurses?

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