iPhone Apps for the Smarter Nursing Student

April 25th, 2011


By , BSN, RN

As a nursing student just 10 years ago, I remember being weighed down every clinical day. My stethoscope hung around my neck, my ID hung off my collar and my pockets were packed with every note I thought I might need to get through the day. I kept a nursing drug guide in one pocket balanced on the other side of my jacket by a pregnancy wheel, a BMI chart, sticky notes with normal lab values, extra pens, index cards and a care plan or two to try and follow. Well, no more.

Nursing students today have the world at their fingertips with one small tool — the cell phone. Smart phones are gifts to nursing students because…there's an app for that — any that.

Some great apps are even free. For instance:

  • Handy BMI: Described as simple and distraction-free, it's a simple body mass index calculator.
  • STAT Growth Charts WHO Lite: Calculate childhood height, weight, head circumference and weight for height percentiles based on the new WHO Child Growth Standards.
  • Delmar Nurse's Drug Handbook Lite: Access detailed info for 50 of the most commonly prescribed drugs.
  • CPR & Choking: Instant information on how to perform CPR and choking rescues.

For a small fee:

Investment quality:

  • Nurses Pocket Guide, Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions and Rationales: Details on nursing process, sample care plans, assessment tools and over 800 NANDA-approved nursing diagnoses. It's a textbook for your phone for $40.
  • Nursing 2011 Drug Handbook: Quick access to current, accurate info on over 900 generic and 3,000 brand name drugs, organized by therapeutic class comes in at $46.99.
  • Nursing Constellation Plus (All-in-One): It will set you back $180, but included in the app is a Davis Drug Guide, Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, a Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary and several other useful nursing guides. The price is steep, but it's like having your every resource book right there at hand.

No matter your needs, it seems like nursing school references have made it to the app store near you. Check your phone; it's probably the only thing in your pocket.

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  1. Joe3 Says:

    Good article Jen,
    Althought I’ve resisted a cell phone, I see the benefits for a nurse to have all those apps at their fingertips. I remember when MDs started showing up with their Palm Pilots years ago and how much they referenced them. Apps aren’t only good for students, as a nurse what a GREAT benefit for us also !!

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