Free Webinar Addresses Nurse-on-Nurse Bullying

June 11th, 2012


By , BSN, RN

Seems like I haven’t said anything about nurse bullying in a couple of days. It’s kind of sad actually how often the topic comes up. However, if you are interested in learning about this less than pleasant side of nursing and learning tactics to recognize and combat it there is a free webinar June 12, 2012, open to the nursing public.

I had the pleasure of listening to Cheryl Dellasega, PhD, GNP, author/nurse practitioner/professor and expert on relational aggression (female bullying or RA),earlier this year at the Association of peri-Operative Nurses (AORN) Congress. She was interesting and eye-opening.

Tune in to learn about RA and how it impacts the nursing profession across generations and genders. Use Dellasega’s tips to then develop your own action plan to make a difference.

Dellasega is the author of five books on issues affecting women including, When Nurses Hurt Nurses: Recognizing and Overcoming the Cycle of Bullying. She is the founder of Club and Camp Ophelia, which helps diverse groups of girls confront and overcome relational aggression. She is professor of humanities in the College of Medicine and Professor of Women's Studies at The Pennsylvania State University.

Check the website at Advance for Nurses for registration information and times. You'll take away steps for yourself and others that can halt hurtful behaviors and transform work environments from toxic to terrific.

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