Who Will You Give Shoes to Fill? Two Weeks Left for RN Inspiration Contest

June 8th, 2012


By , BSN, RN

A good nurse is an inspiration. Many men and women choose the profession because someone else inspires them: their mother was a nurse, they were sick as child and the nurses comforted them, or any number of other reasons. For me, I wanted to be a nurse to have some small positive impact on the world around me. Sappy, I know, but true after many years working in television news, which, while fun, was unsatisfying to the soul.

When I made that decision to return to school and take up nursing my Dad (a surgeon) was thrilled. To ensure that I knew what I was in for he lined up several opportunities for me to shadow nurses he knew that he thought would give me a realistic picture of the job and encourage me to follow through with this new career path. It worked

Among those RNs who inspired me was a woman who was the director of an ambulatory surgical hospital. She was awesome. She was the first example I met of a manager who understood that staying in touch with her staff and their needs meant actually dressing out and going in to the OR sometimes and helping. She gave me some great advice (“{“Take all the psych courses you can, they help in dealing with the physicians,” she told me with a smile) and it has been well heeded.

So who inspired you? Who still does? Is it a nurse on your unit, a classmate from nursing school who has done well, a preceptor from your first days on the floor? Why do I ask? Because, Timberland, the shoe maker, is offering a great opportunity to thank your inspiration for what they have done for you.

The makers of the Pro Renova line of nursing shoes are sponsoring an essay contest about the caregiver who has most inspired your own nursing career. In 250 words or less tell Timberland Pro Renova about the nurse who always has the answer you need, is always there to jump in and help in a difficult situation, is always available to just listen when you need a sounding board.

Now, there are only two weeks left to get your prize winning essay in. If your entry is chosen, Renova will outfit your nominee’s ward or wing with up to 15 pairs of Renova shoes and lunch bags. As the nominator, you too will get some great new professional shoes and a lunch bag.

The Timberland PRO Renova series is care for the caregiver. Combining anti-fatigue technology with stylish design, it delivers on the healthcare industry's unique needs and helps women stay on their feet all day long.

The contest ends on June 23. A panel of judges will pick a grand prize winner(I’m one member of the panel of judges) and that winner, as well as a second place winner, will be announced on July 16.

Go check out the contest rules and start your application at Timberland Pro Renova’s Facebook Page.

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