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Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Nursing: Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems Online Nursing Degree from Grand Canyon University Online

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

This is a dual degree program in which students will gain the business
skills needed in order to be successful in various health care systems,
as well as the nursing skills needed to become leaders in their
specialized health care field. It allows students to get cross functional
skills in business management, and nursing skills as applied to leadership
theory and application. The program is designed to ensure that
graduates obtain executive positions within their chosen field. This is
accomplished by ensuring that all students learn both the core basics of
business as well as the specifics as related to the health care and
nursing industries. In addition, students will become leaders by taking
courses which will allow them to explore their own personal leadership
qualities. This blended degree ensures graduates are well rounded and
experienced with both the nursing side as well as the business side of
health care systems to ensure they receive successful careers in this