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Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate Online Nursing Degree from Kaplan University Online

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

Taking your nursing abilities and combining them with the legal knowledge you’ll obtain with a Kaplan Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate could open many doors to a more lucrative salary or the opportunity to open your own Legal Nurse Consulting practice. As a Legal Nurse Consultant, your primary focus will be providing expertise on subjects such as malpractice lawsuits, worker’s compensation claims, medical insurance claims, and other related legal services. You’ll be working closely with those from both sides of the field, whether it be a doctor who performed surgery or the lawyer behind the case. You’ll be responsible for much of the medical research and reviewing of medical records as you play the role of "medical expert" in many of these personal injury cases often need. Other career opportunities can include risk management support, or again owning your own Legal Nurse Consulting practice. Courses expected in this certificate program include Civil Litigation, Principles of Tort Law, and Health Care Risk Management, among other law-related medical subjects. Any nurse with an interest in the law should consider going forward with a Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate if they are interested in working in pursuing an opportunity in the legal environment.