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Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Nursing Degree from Indiana State University

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

As an LPN or LVN, one can only achieve so much in the nursing profession. The problem is, while many in this position wish for the opportunity to continue their education in order to advance their career opportunities, many lack the ability to attend traditional colleges because of their work schedules. Thankfully, Indiana University has removed the burden from your shoulders and offers online classes for the working nurse to complete so they can study for their degree while maintaining their day job. This NLNAC-accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree offered by Indiana State University offers LPN and LVN nurses the ability to further their career while maintaining their careers away from the typical college scenario. Students will use educational materials offered through The College Network to assist in taking important nursing exams such as the CLEP, DANTES, and Prometric. Additional course material provided by The College Network include comprehensive study materials (CSMs). These convenient study materials allow the nursing professional to complete their upper-level nursing programs online and earn the student the required college credits needed to achieve their Bachelor of Science degree.