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Educational Mobility Bachelor’s in Nursing Online Nursing Degree from University of Cincinnati Online

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

This program is designed to assist those who have already completed a diploma or associate’s degree in nursing and have obtained their RN (registered nurse) license. It was created to help students who wish to make the most of their education and expand upon it while being able to use previously earned credits as well as work experience. It was designed to help students get their Bachelor of Science degree in nursing as quickly and easily as possible, while still gaining more knowledge and a high quality education. Graduates of the University of Cincinnati’s educational mobility BSN program have limitless career opportunities. Some examples include personal caretakers, educators, health counselors, researchers and health care managers. The faculty members who teach the courses within this program are all well known nurses who are professional and recognized for their experience and public service. There are upper and lower levels to the program, and the upper classes consist of such topics as genetics, nursing theory and research, leading and managing, and concepts of community, to name a few.