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R.N. Track – Education Online Nursing Degree from Walden University

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

This important program consists of 65 semester credit hours. Applicants who have their bachelor’s degree, diploma, or A.D.N. in anything other nursing, but are registered nurses may also be accepted into the M.S. program in nursing. As long as students have fulfilled their general educational prerequisites, they should be accepted. This program teaches students how to become effective leaders and educators in the nursing field. They will learn how to make real, positive changes in both society and in their local communities. There is a growing need for nursing educators, so this program can give graduates the knowledge and practical skills they need to fulfill that role. In addition they can become important staff for other environments such as schools and clinics. General education requirements include communication, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, mathematics, science, an introductory statistics course, and an elective course. This program is an integral part of the nursing field.