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B.S.N. Track – Nursing Informatics Online Nursing Degree from Walden University

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

Today’s world is filled with technology that is constantly updating and
adapting. As a nurse in the health care field, it can be tough to keep
up with these changes. The Nursing Informatics program at Walden
University can help you learn how to effectively use the newest information
technology that is available in order to help enhance patient care.
This program combines nursing science with computer and information
science, so that students are well rounded and have knowledge of how these
two things work together. Some examples of courses include information
systems, database concepts, fieldwork and integration, as well as
project management. You can learn how to utilize technology to your
advantage as a nurse. The program can help students who already have their
bachelor’s degree in nursing move forward and hone in on their nursing
informatics skills. This program is 41 semester credit hours, and can
usually be completed within two years depending on the student’s
timeframe and availability for completion.