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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Healthcare Management Online Nursing Degree from Grand Canyon University Online

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

Today’s complex and ever changing health care system needs both
knowledgeable professionals and business minded people. The BS in Business
Administration with an Emphasis in Healthcare Management program is a
very specialized degree program that helps students who are interested in
working within the healthcare sector learn about the business dynamics,
as well as the technical and caregiver aspects. Technical, human, and
conceptual skills are taught together so that students complete the
program with a well rounded perspective on the health care industry as a
whole, as well as on patients as individuals. Graduates of this program
become business leaders within the health care sector, and often move
forward to become highly successful. Since today’s health care system
is more business minded than ever, this degree is essential to those
seeking a management or business related role within it. Blending the
business aspect with the human caregiver aspect creates a knowledgeable
and professional person ready to take on the world of the health care