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Bachelor’s Degree – Nursing Online Nursing Degree from University of Cincinnati Online

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

The University of Cincinnati was the very first college in the United States to award a university degree in the field of nursing. Today this program is a very important and internationally recognized part of the nursing educational community with an important University Medical Center where students can learn as well as perform clinical research. In 1956 the school added its master of science in nursing program, and in 1990 it added the doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree program. This traditional bachelors program typically takes about 4 years to complete. Students may take classes on campus or opt to enroll for online learning. The freshman year consists of pre-nursing courses such as anatomy, English, general chemistry with lab work, intro. to psychology, and more. By senior year, classes are honed in on more specialized topics such as complex adult health concerns, professional nurse leadership, continuum of mental health care, and much more. Graduates may find a wide variety of careers to choose from such as doctor’s assistants, family health care clinical assistants, nurses in hospitals and public service sectors, educators, and much more.