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Master of Science in Nursing Online Nursing Degree from University of Cincinnati Online

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

There are many specialized sectors of the health care world that registered nurses can choose to explore. At the University of Cincinnati, the Master of Science in nursing programs allows students to choose very specific areas of expertise that they are interested in. In addition, there is an accelerated graduate program as well to help students get on the fast track to receiving their master’s degree. Some examples of specific majors include pediatric, occupational health, neo-natal, and a very special MSN-MBA hybrid degree. There are many others to choose from as well. The school also has a post-master’s certificate specialties curriculum to choose from. Some of these specialized topics include nurse midwifery, nursing education, and women’s health, to name a few. The school’s Master of Science in nursing programs are excellent and provides graduates with endless career opportunities within their chosen area of expertise. This program has specific requirements for acceptance and enrollment, so interested students are advised to contact the University of Cincinnati’s admissions specialists to discuss these requirements before applying.