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BSN In Nursing Online Nursing Degree from Norwich University

Basic details about this nursing degree program:

The BSN program in nursing at Norwich is a four year program focusing
on foundational learning as well as clinical experience. The first year
of the program consists of the basic educational courses such as
humanities, sciences, social science as well as an introduction to the world
of professional nursing. This allows students to prepare and adjust to
their chosen major before they begin the integral clinical courses.
During the fall of their sophomore year, students will begin the
clinical, or learning on the job portion of their degree. Upon graduation
students will have completed over 1100 clinical hours in many different
settings, so that they will be fully prepared when they enter their
careers. In addition, the school has a well equipped laboratory for on site
students. Some of the settings for clinical learning include
hospitals, doctor’s offices, home health agencies, and clinics. Once this area
is completed students will be required to successfully complete their
NCLEX state board exam. The cost for the exam is $35. Morning and
evening hours are available to students who wish to experience the clinical
portion of learning on campus. Before admission to the BSN program
students must have completed at least one year of lab science and high
school algebra in order to be admitted.